Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Civil Rules Committee Considered Proposed New Rules and Amendments

From the Federal Rulemaking Web site:

At its October 27-28, 2005, meeting, the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules considered a number of proposals suggesting amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The Advisory Committee declined to take action on some proposals and agreed to consider other proposals further, including proposals to amend Civil Rules 8 (general rules of pleading), 15 (amended and supplemental pleadings), 26(a)(2)(B) (expert reports from employees designated as testifying experts), 30(b)(6) (notice or subpoena directed to an organization), 33 and 36 (signatories to discovery responses), 48 (polling the jury), 54(d) and 58(c) (motion for attorney's fees and the time to file an appeal), and 60 (indicative rulings). For more information on the Advisory Committee's actions, please click on this link, http://www.uscourts.gov/rules/cvdocket.pdf.


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