Thursday, December 15, 2005

Michigan Law Review Publishes Class Actions Article

The Michigan Law Review has just published a piece by Prof. Myriam Giles on class actions entitled Opting Out Of Liability: The Forthcoming, Near-Total Demise Of The Modern Class Action, 104 MILR 373 (2005). In it, she makes the following claim:

"[I]n the ongoing and ever-mutating battle between plaintiffs' lawyers and the protectors of corporate interests, the corporate guys are winning. And they are winning because they have developed a new set of tools powerful enough to imperil the very viability of class actions in many--actually, most--areas of the law. In fact, I believe it is likely that, with a handful of exceptions, class actions will soon be virtually extinct."

This article promises to be an interesting read for anyone interested in this subject.


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