Monday, July 24, 2006

Tulane Law Review Publishes Symposium on Class Actions in the Gulf Region after Hurricane Katrina

The Tulane Law Review has just published a Symposium issue entitled "Class Actions in the Gulf South and Beyond," 80 Tul. L. Rev. 1591 (2006). Here is an excerpt from the Foreword to the Symposium:

The Tulane Law Review is proud to publish its last Issue in Volume 80, a symposium issue entitled "Class Actions in the Gulf South and Beyond." We originally scheduled the authors of these articles to present their research and insight as part of a live symposium in February 2006. Our goal was to update and discuss the relevant issues that have unfolded in this area of law since our last live symposium on complex litigation in 2000 entitled "Class Actions in the Gulf South." This goal was timely in light of the recent significant legislation affecting complex litigation, the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005.

Unfortunately, the effect that Hurricane Katrina has had on our city from August 29, 2005, made facilitating a live event in February 2006 impossible. We owe our gratitude to all of our authors who submitted their articles in spite of the cancellation of the live symposium, particularly those who also had to evacuate from the Gulf South in the fall. Because of our authors' perseverance and dedication to scholarship, the Review can proudly present this symposium.

Here is a listing of the articles included in the Symposium:

- Class Actions After The Class Action Fairness Act Of 2005, Edward F. Sherman
- A Primer On The Class Action Fairness Act Of 2005, Sarah S. Vance
- Interpreting The Class Action Fairness Act In A Truly Fair Manner, Allan Kanner
- Congressional Welcome To Federal Court--The Class Action Fairness Act: Has The Party Just Begun? James M. Garner
- The Class Action Fairness Act: An Ill-Conceived Approach To Class Settlements Robert H. Klonoff & Mark Herrmann
- Erie And Choice Of Law After The Class Action Fairness Act, Patrick Woolley
- A Model State Mass Tort Settlement Statute Francis E. Mcgovern
- Louisiana Complex Litigation Charles S. Mccowan, Jr. & Calvin C. Fayard, Jr.


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