Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Iowa Law Review Announces Upcoming Symposium on Summary Judgment and other Topics

The Iowa Law Review will host its 2008 symposium, Procedural Justice: Perspectives on Summary Judgment, Peremptory Challenges, and the Exclusionary Rule, on February 29. The event will include a panel debating the constitutionality of summary judgment. Professors Suja Thomas, Edward Brunet, and William E. Nelson will sit on that panel, and the Honorable Lavenski R. Smith of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit will moderate. A brief description of their positions is pasted below. The resulting manuscripts will be published in Volume 93, Issue 5 of the Iowa Law Review. In addition to her positional paper, Professor Thomas will also publish a formal response to Professors Brunet and Nelson.

Questions should be directed to Alison K. Guernsey, Editor in Chief of the Iowa Law Review via telephone at (319) 335-9054. For more information on the symposium generally, visit their website at http://lawreview.law.uiowa.edu, and click on the symposium link.


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