Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Northwestern University Law Review Publishes Special Edition on Preemption

The Northwestern University Law Review recently published a special edition for a symposium entitled Ordering State-Federal Relations Through Federal Preemption Doctrine. Here are the articles included in the symposium:

Nury Raquel Agudo & Alison E. Buckley, Foreward: Symposium on Ordering State-Federal Relations Through Federal Preemption Doctrine

David A. Danam Democratizing the Law of Federal Preemption

Richard A. Epstein, Federal Preemption, and Federal Common Law, in Nuisance Cases

Robert L. Glickman & Richard E. Levy, A Collective Action Perspective on Ceiling Preemption By Federal Environmental Regulation: The Case of Global Climate Change

Howard A. Learner, Restraining Federal Preemption When There Is An "Emerging Consensus" Of State Environmental Laws and Policies

Raymond B. Ludwiszewski & Charles H. Haake, Cars, Carbon, and Climate Change

Nina A. Mendelson, A Presumption Against Agency Preemption

Thomas W. Merrill, Preemption and Institutional Choice

Mark D. Rosen, Contextualizing Preemption

Robert A. Schapiro, Monophonic Preemption

Catherine M. Sharkey, The Fraud Caveat to Agency Preemption

Ernest A. Young, Executive Preemption


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