Monday, May 25, 2009

Fourth Circuit: Court May Hear Appeals Filed Outside 10-Day Window

Per U.S. v. Urutyan, No. 08-4295 (May 7, 2009):

Urutyan was convicted by a jury on all counts. Judgment was entered against him on January 22, 2008. Urutyan filed a notice of appeal with the district court March 4, 2008. The notice was not timely. Appellate Rule 4(b)(1)(A) imposes a ten-day deadline on the filing of a notice of appeal in criminal cases, and Urutyan never requested an extension of that deadline.

. . .

[I]n light of the Supreme Court’s holding that "[i]t is axiomatic that court-prescribed rules of practice and procedure, as opposed to statutory time limits, do not create or withdraw federal
jurisdiction," Kontrick, 540 U.S. at 370, we conclude that the non-statutory time limits in Appellate Rule 4(b) do not affect subject-matter jurisdiction.


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