Monday, January 25, 2010

Association of Corporate Counsel Article on Ethics and E-Discovery

The ACC Docket, the publication of the Association of Corporate Counsel, has recently published an article entitled "Ethics and Ediscovery Review." Here is the introductory paragraph from the piece:

A recent study published by the Ediscovery Institute based on a survey of leading ediscovery providers (Deduping Survey) shows that, despite the technical ability to suppress or consolidate duplicates within an electronic document population, chances are about 50:50 that your outside counsel fails to take advantage of this technology, opting instead to doublebill for reviewing unnecessary duplicates for privilege, confidentiality and relevance. The study shows that, on average, law firms that do not consolidate duplicates across custodians are reviewing 27 percent more records than needed, and in some cases 60 percent or more, raising serious ethical issues involving conflicts of interest and technical competency.

Interested readers can download the full article by clicking here.


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