Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More SCOTUS Action on Personal Jurisdiction via Summary Dispositions

Professor Charles Campbell at Faulkner University, Jones School of Law was kind enough to share the following information:

Yesterday, the Supreme Court granted certiorari, vacated, and remanded one personal jurisdiction case, Dow Chemical Canada ULC v. Fandino, No. 10-250, to the California 2nd District Court of Appeals, for reconsideration in light of Nicastro. The Court denied certiorari in four other personal jurisdiction cases:

Roberts v. Kauffman Racing Equipment, L.L.C., No. 10-617;
Clemens v. McNamee, No. 10-966;
Pirelli Pneus LTDA v. Gunn, No. 10-1004; and
Abbyy Production, LLC v. Nuance Communications, Inc., No. 10-1019.

Roberts and Clemens both involved alleged defamation and Calder v. Jones. Pirelli was a stream-of-commerce case involving an allegedly defective motorcycle tire. In Abbyy, the Federal Circuit upheld personal jurisdiction over a Russian software developer based on the developer electronically shipping a master copy of software to a nonexclusive licensee in California.

Today’s order list is here. SCOTUSblog has a bit more information in its most recent “hold and relist watch” post, if anyone is interested.


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