Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Book on Civil Justice in International Perspective

New Book: Failures of American Civil Justice in International Perspective

About the book:

Few lawyers today would say that American civil justice works well. Some say that it is oppressive and unjust. Many have given up getting it to work. America's reformers have run out of ideas. They have not proven models for fixing what they know is broken.

This book provides a comparative critical introduction to civil justice systems in the United States, Germany, and Korea. It shows shortcomings of the American system and compares them with German and Korean successes. The book shows foreign systems as a source of ideas that are proven to work. Civil justice can be just and civil.

The book is available at www.cambridge.org/9781107009936   with a 20% discount until December 31 with the discount code at checkout: S11MAXEINER.


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