Monday, April 09, 2012

E.D.Va. Rejects $50 Million Civil Penalty in FCA Case as Unconstitutionally Excessive

Per U.S. ex rel. Bunk v. Birkart Globistics GmbH & Co., Slip Copy, 2012 WL 488256 (E.D.Va. Feb. 14 2012):

Presently pending before the Court is the Plaintiffs' post-trial motion for an award of civil penalties under the False Claims Act with respect to the DPM claim. For the reasons stated herein, the Court concludes that the mandatory civil penalty of at least $50,248,000 constitutes an unconstitutionally excessive fine in violation of the Eighth Amendment and, having made that determination, further concludes that it does not have the discretion to fashion some other civil penalty that would be within constitutional limits; and therefore no civil penalty will be imposed.


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